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Lesson two: What do I write about in my motivation letter?
You know already that first of all, you have to understand the admission comittee expectations.

For example, there are four essays that you have to hand in for Chevening. It would help if you showed that you are a proactive leader, a professional who knows how to build connections, lead people, and projects. Show that you are the person who may take the initiative, study well, and have plans for the future. It will be useful if you carefully read through this text about typical mistakes in the essay.

DAAD is looking for dedicated, academically savvy people with international experience and a desire to learn German. Your career plan is essential, but unlike Chevening, there are no strict requirements for work experience.

Swedish programs change regulations quite often. However, they are also looking for people who are willing to change the world.

You have to study carefully what your volunteer program or University requires before writing your motivation letter. If you need any help, feel free to email us:
Anyway, there is something in common for all letters, right?
That's for sure!

It may also be quite challenging to find reliable information about the requirements of the admissions committee. If it is the case, focus on the following points:

There are some points important for all:

  • Your motivation - it would be great if the committee saw that you had done a great job carefully selecting programs and scholarships. You know what you are going for and how studying will help you on your life's journey. It is also important to mention that there is no just one "last hope" option, but several, and you consider all possible scenarios.

  • Your other achievments -if you have nothing to show other than a high GPA, it will be difficult for you to get a place at a high-ranked university or win a scholarship. However, almost all people study and do sports, art or any other hobbies and activities that can be included.

  • Previous international experience, If you have never studied or volunteered abroad, you may explain your circumstances and how you got over it. Maybe your parent was sick, and you had to be around. Show that you didn't give up and participated in the UN model in your own city or met international students at your university for an orientation? Or maybe you volunteered at international sports or other competitions? Any experience counts!

  • The way how you describe yourself If your letter is unique and shows your personality, the committee will defenitely remember you. That is how your chances of being accepted will increase.

  • How is your new international experience will be used back home?
Some useful tips

There is a rule: do not just talk about yourslef, tell your story.

Story Telling - a great essay strategy. However, there is always a risk of getting into the abstract thoughts or too detailed descriptions.

STAR system is often used in the motivation letter writing:

Situation: the description of the specific situation from your life or from a workplace.

Task: what was the issue or task?

Action:Describe the specific steps and actions you have taken to resolve the issue. Focus on your contribution to achieve the goal in this situation. Do not attribute all the team's achievements to yourself only – it is easily seen.

Result: Describe the results of your actions, reflect on the lessons learned or observations made. It is better to describe situations with a positive outcome.

Remember that the main thing is not to show what you will get from the scholarship/study, but what will be your contribution to the scholarship community or university.