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Lesson 1: Top 10 Secrets of Successful Application
The recordings of our lessons and all the course's additional materials will be available for one month.

From our first lesson, you will learn more about the admission process and choose a university and program smart.

The first lesson's main topic is what the admission committee wants to learn from your motivation letter.

In addition to your achievements and goals, each scholarship program has its focus. Some programs prefer business leaders; some need active volunteers.
Understanding the goal will get you an idea of what you should include in your letter: which milestones of your biography to disclose and which facts would be irrelevant.
What is relevant for Chevening may not be suitable for DAAD, for example.

First Lesson
Your Homework:

1. Please, fill out this table
Please pay attention to the "Program Features" and "Matching my experience" columns. This information is essential. Without understanding the admissions committee's expectations and goals, you will not be able to distinguish the most critical things from your experience.
You can also create your own table to work with.

2. Consider whether you should look for more programs/admission options to diversify your risks. Maybe you need to improve something in your experience quickly or gain some skill.
You may also have time to publish your work in an international or local scientific journal to improve your portfolio.
If you think that you don't have enough experience yet or cannot understand all the requirements, we can discuss these issues during your consultation.

3. Please, fill out our feedback form that is given below.